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Technological innovation through Cloud ERP solution makes WFX and IT pioneer

by Apparel Resources

17-November-2017  |  4 mins read

Image Courtesy: fingent.com

Is having full control over apparel supply chain a matter of importance in the current scenario? Yes, there is no other option.

The need of the hour today is to integrate the entire supply chain and cloud computing in one such measure which enables easy management of various operations in the chain. While talking to the Apparel Online team, Jatin Paul, CEO, WFX mentioned the relevance of Cloud ERP solution which helps accessing data irrespective of location and devices – one of the traits which makes WFX an IT pioneer.

WFX has its presence in 23 countries with more than 15,000 users. Some of the renowned Indian apparel makers who are a part of its clientele are Matrix Clothing, Indochine, Gokaldas Exports among several others. The ERP solution provider is constantly upgrading its features in addition to developing new features to meet the ever-changing requirements of customers. WFX has devised solutions that can be accessed on tablets, desktops and even mobile phones helping those apparel exporters who have to keep on moving to various countries and continents.

“Data is essential to run any company. Companies are now utilizing data to make business decisions. Since material is the largest input cost in any garment organization, controlling it gives you a huge advantage,” avers Jatin. The ERP devised by WFX helps minimize material costs by keeping a record of inventory, thereby enabling less wastage of fabric as well as saving cost.

Jatin Paul, CEO, WFX

More and more companies are now open to adopt IT technology in business. In order to stay competitive in the market, many of the apparel manufacturing giants have now become aggressive in devising strategies. The new generation understands the importance of technology in running the business and is openly embracing and investing in solutions like WFX.

So what makes WFX different? Constantly upgrading the existing features and introducing new features gives WFX a definite edge over others – WFX QC Mobile App, Analytics tool and Alert system are some of its recent additions that have also received wide acclaim.

WFX QC Mobile App automates the quality control process wherein the QC personnel can conduct, capture and record quality inspections on-site at the locations of the vendors with any iOS-enabled mobile device. The app is also integrated with Google maps to track inspection locations with the ability to tag inspection start and maintain log of start and stop times.

The WFX Analytics helps business profiles to have their own dashboard to control management and finance in addition to sourcing, merchandising and production. This tool provides full control over the entire apparel supply chain.

Alert System is the newest addition to WFX Cloud ERP suite. This feature is not only used as a preventive measure to control risks but also helps in finding the root cause of the problem. Furthermore, the user can continue with other tasks or activities as the system keeps on running in the background.

On-time delivery, less wastage, excellent quality, advanced technology and awareness about the correct requirement of the people for each task is what makes any business a success. With no servers, installation, or software needed, WFX makes implementation straightforward and simple – enabling the apparel manufacturing firms to consolidate their position.