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Uniqueness makes these Vietnamese accessory suppliers witness a successful spree

by Apparel Resources

09-October-2018  |  7 mins read

Image Courtesy: ecplaza.net

Being unique or different from your competitors definitely matters more. Success in today’s competitive business majorly depends on knowing one’s uniqueness and then making it one’s biggest strength. Team Apparel Resources met two such Vietnam-based accessory suppliers, Heng Fa Textile Co., Ltd. and 5S Interlining, who have managed to make a mark for themselves by playing upon their exclusive strengths.

5S Interlining believes quality and service are two components that win over customers. Though these philosophies are adopted by most of the companies, it is the successful implementation and effectiveness of the process that differentiates a great company from a good company. Corroborating on this, Meishin Bui, Managing Director, 5S Interlining said, “We check quality from end-to-end. Each stage from coating to rolling involves stringent quality checking processes. Each of our team is also well equipped with quality processes and procedures. Also, we have passed Kaken test, SGS test, Intertek and Oeko Tex, which is enough to indicate that the quality at 5S Interlining is of the highest order.”

Meishin Bui, Managing Director, 5S Interlining

Japanese have never been easy to be convinced and therefore clearing the Kaken test is indeed a feather in the company’s cap, which has eventually helped them win some esteemed customers. 5S Interlining also successfully cleared the TQP test, which is a test exclusive for Target. The company has also been nominated by Uniqlo, Japan and is today one of the best interlining suppliers in Vietnam with wide ranges of interlining for over 150 items including non-woven, non-fused, woven fusible, woven, top-fuse, and tear away for embroidery. “Understanding the product as well as customer needs is essential for the success of the business,” averred Mieshin.

Understanding the local industry is also as important a pre-requisite as is understanding the product. “We understand the local industry very well and that makes us unique. It helps us in giving what the customer exactly wants,” said Halos Chen, Owner, Heng Fa Textile Co., Ltd., while substantiating further.

Halos Chen, Owner, Heng Fa Textile Co., Ltd.,

Heng Fa specialises in supplying different kinds of lace fabrics like flower embroidery lace, fashion woven lace, neck lace, and lace for underwear.

Nothing gives more delight to a customer than a good customer service and Heng Fa excels at it. Halos believes his rich experience of the industry helps him in sending the designs quickly back to the customer just by having a look at the photograph. This happens only when there is a correct mixture of knowledge and experience. “I also ensure that the customer receives the quotation in less than an hour. I and my team then try to send the samples to the customers in 1 or 2 days. This is called giving good service with desired quality,” briefed Halos. Heng Fa today has a wide repertoire of clients that include I-basic, Jovial, Patal, Canifa, Jossi, and many more.

Endorsing the thoughts of Halos, Meishin of 5S Interlining ensures that the exceptional quality of her company’s products is always complemented by an equally good customer service. Besides, 5S Interlining provides door-to-door services to all its customers as it ships its products by train or ship. Meishin further added, “Delivery on time is very important for our organisation. If the orders are less, we deliver by motorbikes too and this is the reason our number of customers keeps increasing.” The company at present supplies to factories that work for esteemed customers like Perry Ellis, H&M, Zara, Forever 21, and Primark among many others.

Also, the success of an organisation depends majorly on the active involvement of the owners or the top management especially with regard to training. Being in line with this vision, Halos ensures that he personally meets all the staff of his customer service and teaches them every possible way by which customer servicing should be done. “I have worked in a Taiwanese garment factory and have good experience in apparel production and also human resources. This helps me in teaching my team about the quality of laces as well,” he averred.

At 5S Interlining too, the management is a part of the internal training programmes. The company ensures that the sales team and the client servicing team are well acquainted with the products that are manufactured. Meishin said, “We train every sales person who joins us and I personally give each of them the knowledge about fabric quality of the product. That is part of our training process.”

Meishin has also been conducting seminars for customers to tell them the difference between interlining and the main fabric. The function of each detail of the fabric is explained in these seminars. “Our interlinings are special for washing and therefore a lot of denim factories are keen to use our interlinings. If we have a good understanding of fabric, we can have suitable interlining for the main fabric. It is all about choosing the right materials,” reasoned Meishin.

Its efforts to stand out among the crowd have already earned 5S Interlinings the markets of USA, Europe, Australia, and Japan and now the company is focussed on capturing the Indian market.

Every company today needs a unique selling proposition, but what matters is how valuable it is to the customer. Only the company that understands this concept well gets a healthy edge over its competitors. Heng Fa Textile Co., Ltd. and 5S Interlining are two such companies.

Strong products and services are highly differentiated from all other products and services. It’s that simple or tt’s that difficult.

Austin McGhie (The popular author of the ‘Almost bestselling book’ Brand is a Four Letter Word and Co-founder of the Marketing Strategy Consultancy Find Difference.)