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Bureau Veritas: Winning customers with quality for over 2 centuries

In an exclusive interaction with Team Apparel Resources, William Nguyen, Business Development Executive, IAAS, Bureau Veritas Consumer Products ...

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Nhabe Corporation: An epitome of corporate excellence

Michael Laskau, MD, FOB Division, Nhabe Corporation, discusses the rapid growth his company has made in the last ...

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This elastic manufacturer gains strong foothold in Vietnam

In a candid discussion with Apparel Resources, Kamal Mangwani, Vice General Director, Premco Global Vietnam speaks about company’s ...

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The interlining manufacturer offers depth and variation in apparel

Understanding the requirements of the customers and then offering them several alternatives has what helped Dong-IL Interlining Ltd., ...

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E-Culture: A new dimension of success in Esquel

With ‘e-culture’ - which includes concepts like ethics, environment, exploration, excellence and education - Esquel Group is all ...

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Vietnam’s garment industry witnesses unparalled growth despite challenges

At the start of 2017, many industry experts had said despite all constraints and struggles, Vietnam was on ...

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