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Diversity heads the silhouettes and details for FW’18-19

by Anjori Grover Vasesi

01-June-2018  |  6 mins read

Vital topics of global concern have started to find their way into fashion weeks…, whether it’s through the selections that designers make by way of presenting latest trends in their collections, or the staging of their shows, or other issues citing societal importance.

Already labelled as the ‘most diverse fashion month’ in the history of fashion, the Fall 2018 showcases did not lag far behind in the trends department as well. Taking a surprisingly different turn collections for the approaching season included a vast mix of separates, casualwear, layering and outerwear.

Women empowerment continued to be a strong dictating element within the fraternity, though its translation became less dramatic and consistent. Strong details that focused on structure and form, such as corsetry and utility, scored high in this aspect, giving designers a wider range to practice their creativity.

Designers explored the prevalent tension between urban lifestyles and a need for escapism by means of art-induced inspirations and sparkles that make us believe in the magic of a better future.

The nostalgia associated with fringes and sequins might have been overdone – but they were seen making a fun and glamorous comeback, in an attempt to visually break the consistency of an outfit or to add an attention-grabbing element to an otherwise sombre silhouette.

Apparel Resources analyses and compiles the top 8 silhouettes and details set to impact the future of fashion Fall/Winter 2018 onwards…

Billowing Pants

Filled with air and swelling outwards, the silhouettes of pants and trousers seem to be taking on a voluminous look for Fall/Winter 2018.

Designers and high-fashion brands alike, reintroduced the long-forgotten silhouette by pairing it with boots of different kinds. The style aspect comes into play with the trousers being tucked into ankle length boots, sock boots or cowboy boots.

Long Fringes

Blame it on the boomerang fetish, or on fashion’s undying fascination with the 1920s, but the fringe mania doesn’t seem to be bidding an adieu anytime soon.

This season, these fluid details return with a twist – they are longer, slender and full of volume.

Grazing the knees or the floor, long fringes have been presented in a slew of textures and finishes for Fall 2018, ranging from yarn, wool, knit, beads, to plastic tubes.

Patch Perfect

Designers were in a playful mood this season, unleashing their creative craft skills without abandon.

This aspect was most noticeable in the prints and pattern department, wherein a unanimous vote went through towards incorporating dissimilar patches of prints against each other, in the same space (surface area).

A mix between extremes occurred with dainty florals being merged with workwear checks, to animal prints being paired with bohemian and tribal patterns, to polka dots being merged with linear stripes.


Since the past few seasons, elegant forms that highlight the shape of a woman’s body are being highlighted, perhaps to mirror the theme of women empowerment prevalent around the globe.

On the runway, designers paraded models flaunting pieces that were sculpted, yet liberating. Corsetry came into play especially around the waist and midriff areas.

Laced up belts, armoured leather bodices and ribbed corsets that evoked ribbed detailing underneath sheer surfaces, made a strong case for the approaching winter season.


As soon as you inject artful motifs into a collection, personality and character follow.

The motif of choice this season has emerged to be the face graphic – making its way through oversized T-shirts, hoodies, dresses, jackets and even lowers.

Probably this sparked from the Bowie-dominated time in the recent past, wherein face-focused graphics started gaining momentum.

Scarf Prints

Satin has been a front row winner from the last couple of seasons, and this season has been joined by its close affiliate – silk, across fashion capitals.

Credited to life by Vetements and Balenciaga recent collections, the resort-y print found itself being blown up on silk dresses, tops and skirts, often accentuated with embellished beading or pearls.


Utility continues its rampage as being a strong element in clothing once again for the approaching winter months.

Fusing fashion and function together, designers and high-fashion labels alike were seen upping their ante by offering a slew of utilitarian details over their garments.

Functional elements such as multiple pockets, zippers and closures adorned strictly practical and purposeful shapes that posed as a modern take on classic workwear silhouettes.

Sequin Soiree

Glitter guns out, sun shades on. The message this season was simple – and rung loud and clear: ‘Go Big or Go Home’!

A heavy dose of sequin, sparkle and iridescent details were in order with designers not shying away from glittering elements. From thigh-high and ankle boots at Vivetta to clear tone-on-tone sequins over sheer at Preen and intricately detailed outerwear at No.21; glitz and glamour are a sure-shot bestseller of the future.