Vietnam Spring/Summer 2020 Fashion Week begins today

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13-September-2019  |  1 min read

Vietnam Spring/Summer 2020 Fashion Week
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The Vietnam Spring/Summer 2020 Fashion Week, which begins today (13 September), will showcase some of the best and latest collections by prominent designers.

To be held at Diên Hồng Garden (formerly Chavassieux Square) in Hanoi’s Hoàn Kiếm district, the 3-day event will feature 750 outfits by 15 designers and brands.

Though each of the outfits will present different inspirations and themes, the core focus would be on Spring/Summer.

Speaking about the collections, Minh Hạnh, Designer and Founder of the event, said “Natural materials are in vogue in 2019 with the intent to bring convenience in Spring/Summer when the weather is getting hotter because of climate change.”

Trịnh Thanh Hải, Owner, GenViet Jeans, averred that fashion should follow trends, but never separate itself from local culture, which also forms the message of her collection ‘Where I Am Living’.

She added “We use ‘Feel-Fresh Denim’, which is a new fabric that helps to release sweat and make it comfortable for wearers, in addition to being durable, antibacterial and skin-friendly.

Some other designers who would be displaying their latest collections at the show are Nhi Hoàng and Diego Cortizas among others. Cortizas will be using linen from Sa Pa town and silk from Đà Nẵng.

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