Vietnam witnesses solid growth in apparel material import


22-October-2018  |  1 min read

Garment industry of Vietnam
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Vietnam has seen an impressive surge in the import of garment and textile materials during the period from January to September 2018.

This was confirmed by the statistics that was recently released by the Ministry of Industry and Trade in Vietnam.

Among the clothing materials, fibre witnessed the highest growth in imports with the figures touching a commendable US $ 1.78 billion. This also marks a jump of 34.6 per cent from what it was during the same period in 2017.

Cotton came close second to fibre in terms of import growth. At a value of US $ 2.41 billion, cotton saw a rise of 30.3 per cent compared to the figures recorded in the first nine months of 2017.

While the waterproof fabric was much behind fibre and cotton, registering a growth of only 13.5 per cent, the turnover in its value was no less than extraordinary.

The import turnover (in value) of waterproof fabric was an impressive US $ 9.39 billion.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade also said that the combined imports of fibre, cotton and fabric stood at US $ 13.6 billion for the first nine months of 2018.

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